February 15, 2024 What’s Happening at Dumbarton (on Feb. 18)

Dumbarton’s Adult Ed session for Sunday, Feb. 18, will focus on the origins of the Human Rights Movement. This session will be led by Joe Eldridge, co-founder of the Washington Office on Latin America, and Austin Gladden, educator and advocate for those who are underserved.

Immediately following Adult Education, our 11 a.m. worship–the First Sunday in Lent–will be led by Rev. Kathryn Johnson. Dumbarton’s Lenten sermon series draws from the wisdom of Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg and her book, On Repentance and Repair: Making Amends in an Unapologetic World. The theme of Rev. Johnson’s message will be “Naming and Owning Harm.”

What does it mean to seek justice and reconciliation from the individual to the societal? Join us on Sunday, Feb. 18, to explore this important question further.