June 21, 2024 Project Transformation Fundraiser Update

Thanks to the many people who participated in this June 9 event to benefit Project Transformation DC (PTDC), an organization focused on meeting the academic, physical, social-emotional and spiritual needs of children from under-resourced communities. Dumbartonians raised more than $5,000 to support PTDC’s 6-week summer camp. (This is in addition to the many individual contributions made directly to PTDC as well as the $1,000 from our Mission and Outreach budget that we donated in the spring!)

Rachel Luna, executive director of PTDC, said that this is “the summer of good problems.” They have reached their capacity of being able to serve 42 children in the summer camp. They now need a lot of volunteers to help with the reading program: listening to the children read, help sound out words, and just spend time getting to know amazing kids.

If you are thinking about being a PTDC volunteer this summer, please check out this video of testimonies from our volunteers from 2023 Being a reading buddy or sharing a meal with the young adult interns is such a fun and rewarding experience.

For more information on the summer reading program, please contact Nancy Holland.