About Dumbarton UMC

In God’s neighborhood, we all can belong.
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Our Mission & Vision

Our vision and mission is to help connect people to faith

Faith is what gives each of us the strength to carry on in the face of grief, doubt, fear, isolation, shame, or unexpected reversal. Dumbarton offers a community that seeks to provide that strength by bringing people together for a deeper understanding of God and scripture to make better sense of their personal experience and the wider world.

Mission & Purpose

We are biblical Christians, but believe it’s essential to be doctrinally humble. To us, orthodoxy is less important than putting our theological differences aside to get something helpful done, for our neighbors, the nation, or the world. For us, Jesus’s most important commandment is to love all our neighbors – to welcome the hurting, the doubting, the lost, the discounted, and the spiritually dissatisfied, believers and non-believers alike. You need not suffer or question alone. At Dumbarton, you can come as you are and be welcomed, even as an atheist. In God’s neighborhood, we all can belong.

Who We Are

Our Team & Leadership

Welcome to Dumbarton United Methodist Church, an inclusive congregation that seeks, celebrates and serves. We are proud and feel blessed to have a mission that wants to offer a better understanding of the world around them, with an ethical perspective

Our Pastor: Rev. Rachel Cornwell

Our Pastor: Rev. Rachel Cornwell


Rev. Cornwell, a former member of Dumbarton, has been in full-time ministry in the United Methodist Baltimore-Washington Conference since 2002. She has served congregations in Bethesda and Silver Spring, and she was in extension ministry with the James Company, specializing in helping churches and other nonprofits with fundraising, visioning, and strategic planning.  Rev. Cornwell serves on the Greater Washington District Committee on Ordained Ministry, the Adrienne Terry Affordable Housing Taskforce, and the Board of Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland.

Rev. Doris Warrell

Rev. Doris Warrell


Melany Burrill

Melany Burrill

Church Administrator

Jeehye Pak

Jeehye Pak

Director of Digital Ministries

Stefan Petrov

Stefan Petrov

Music Director


Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I park when I visit Dumbarton United Methodist Church on Sunday mornings?

Parking is always available on Sunday mornings in Georgetown in Washington, DC.  Sunday morning parking in that neighborhood is a flexible experience.  From Sunday morning until early Sunday afternoon, parking is permitted on P Street NW – on both sides of the street – from Wisconsin Avenue, NW to 30th & P Streets NW.  You will not get a parking ticket.  If you do, let us know and we will cover it.

How do I dress?

Come as you are.  We are not dressy (well, except at Easter) and we are particularly casual in the summer.  We bring our heart and soul to God – not our threads.

There is always a place for you

There are so many ways to participate at Dumbarton United Methodist Church.  From social missions, adult education, choir or celebration, we have a place for you.  As a medium-sized church, we find that committed members can make a big difference in the life of our congregation. You will not get lost in the crowd here.

What is the focus of Dumbarton United Methodist Church?

Service.  We do not limit ourselves to the four walls of our church. We learn more about world and local problems and act on them by writing and demonstrating for social justice. We commit ourselves to promoting world peace. We try to set an example by helping the homeless, teaching disadvantaged children and aiding others in need. We have gotten national recognition for some of our efforts.