Nya Taryor, Jr., Pastoral Intern, photo

November 7, 2023 Pastoral Intern Shares Highlights of Recent Service

Dumbarton’s Pastoral Intern, Nya Taryor, Jr., shared the following highlights of his work during the month of September:

  • I served as liturgist and helped with the Eucharist.
  • I wrote a liturgy and shared some of my poetry during worship.
  • I joined the Adult Education planning team and am helping to develop topics and content to be explored in future sessions as well as volunteering to assist with our Sunday morning programming.
  • I volunteered to help serve dinner to our unhoused neighbors at Mt Zion United Methodist Church.

These experiences are helping me become more comfortable with all the responsibilities associated with ministry. By putting my coursework into practice, I’m more fully able to understand what it means to be a church leader, how I can be of service to the congregation as well as the local community.

I am grateful for the mentoring that I am receiving from Rev. Rachel Cornwell and fellow Dumbartonian Martha Dickey; both of them are serving as guides through this important process.