September 26, 2023 Pastoral Intern Reflects on His Experience

Dumbarton’s Pastoral Intern, Nya Taryor, Jr., shares his thoughts on what the past year has meant to him as well as his hopes for the coming year. 

Greetings, Dumbarton United Methodist Church members and community.

I have returned to serve as your pastoral intern for another year. The 2023 fall semester has begun, and I have settled into classes. Knowing that I am starting the last year of my seminary journey at Wesley Theological will be cherished. Even returning to serve with your congregation is an honor I am glad to experience.

Last year, being on staff during the celebration of the 250th anniversary allowed me to see the worth of the church and the dedication you have towards the ministry. Many members of your congregation are self-motivated people and show passion for service. The roles people perform are vast; they engage on many levels inside and out of the denomination, serving as witnesses of the faith.

You are a rare group of people that live in the meaning of community. I am glad to be here learning from you while I am discovering myself in the process. I hope to provide monthly updates on the duties I perform at Dumbarton so that you know more about the activities that I am involved in while serving the church. This sharing allows you to connect more with me and build an understanding of what I am learning and developing while being with you.

Thank you for accepting me for another year as I continue my journey to become a pastor in the United Methodist Church.