September 26, 2023 One Way We Care for Our Unhoused Neighbors

Dumbarton partners with other Georgetown churches to provide warm, home-cooked meals for the unhoused in Georgetown at Mount Zion United Methodist Church, a few blocks away from our church.  We have been participating in this ministry for over 10 years by providing volunteers and food along with Mount Zion.  We have so enjoyed working with our sister church on this important ministry.

More recently, we have taken on the task of planning and providing the entire meal and all the volunteers on Saturdays in months with five Saturdays. We host between 50 and 70 guests on a given Saturday.

On Christmas Eve last year, we provided a full Christmas dinner with all the fixings and welcomed the grateful guests on a cold winter’s eve.

(Thanks to Melinda Murray for leading this effort on behalf of Dumbarton–and for contributing this article. If you’d like to get involved in this important ministry, please sign up to receive e-Chips, our weekly electronic newsletter, so that you’re aware of upcoming dates of service.)