Rev. Amy Stapleton

April 16, 2023 Holy Humor Sunday April 16th

Holy Humor Sunday April 16th

Sunday April 16th is Holy Humor Sunday, when we celebrate the triumph of God over the powers of sin and death with laughter and joy. After a Lenten focus on grief, I think it will feel especially good to laugh! And this is where you come in: rather than a sermon that day we’ll have an open mic for people to tell jokes, funny stories, do a skit, etc. Jim Quinn will be our master of ceremonies and folks will be invited to step up to the mic impromptu, but we’d love to have a few folks who are prepared to share! It doesn’t have to be religious humor, but it should be clean and family-friendly. Think the talent show at West River…

Please contact me or Jim if you want to be part of holy humor Sunday!


Rev. Rachel