April 14, 2024 Easter Worship Series Focuses on Hope

On Sunday, April 14, we continue our Easter Season worship series proclaiming that we are a people who believe “do-overs” are possible! The stories of Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances live alongside modern-day turn-around stories to inspire and encourage us to live fully as “Easter people.”

We all experience the death of something in our lives. Of course, there are the deaths of people we love and the grief that seems to engulf us, and eventually the resurrection of hope to live on without them. But there are other kinds of death and loss that we experience as well… death of a dream, death of an image of ourselves that we always thought we would be, death of connections and identities, death in the midst of life that involve being captive to death-dealing circumstances or substances.

Hear the “Good News” of Easter during the upcoming weeks through powerful testimonies of courage, kindness, and strength.

If you need hopeful stories as much as we do, please make your way to Dumbarton UMC this coming Sunday at 11 a.m. We’re in-person as well as on Zoom.

See you inside the purple front doors!