Our Story

Welcoming All...And We Mean All

Welcome to Dumbarton United Methodist Church, an inclusive congregation that seeks, celebrates and serves. What do we mean by that?

Seek. Our foundation is the word of God and Christ as found in the Bible. However, we want to go farther by studying Christianity's past and present. We want to look at today's pressing issues and interpret them with help of scripture and thoughtful analysis.

Rick with singers

Celebrate. We honor God and Christ through regular worship, prayer and reflection. Through sacraments and special services, we praise God's name.

Serve. We do not limit ourselves to the four walls of our church. We learn more about world and local problems and act on them by writing and demonstrating for social justice. We commit ourselves to promoting world peace. We try to set an example by helping the homeless, teaching disadvantaged children and aiding others in need. We have gotten national recognition for some of our efforts.

Come as you are.  We are not dressy (well, except at Easter) and we are particularly casual in the summer.

Nurture. Drawing from the example of Christ's healing ministry, we encourage and care for each other. We have small groups in which every member feels responsible for every other member.

Participation. As a medium-sized church, we find that committed members can make a big difference in the life of our congregation. You will not get lost in the crowd here.