Social Justice

Helping Others, Here and Around the World


DUMC Palestine demonstration


Dumbarton's Holyland Pilgrimage. Eleven travelers from Dumbarton visited the Middle East and met Palestinians and Israelis who are working for peace and reconciliation. Our pilgrims picked olives, shared Shabbat dinner, hiked, cooked and toured as well as had good discussions to help us understand the Holyland today. For folks who wanted to join in the pilgrimage but could not physically be on the trip, group members sent back regular reports on their experiences in Israel and Palestine.

Tithe. Dumbarton tithes its income by giving at least 5% of its revenue from pledges, building use funds and plate contributions to outside charitable organizations. In addition, Dumbarton tithed 10% of the donations to its latest building campaign to worthy outside recipients such as "Rebuilding Together."

That money is on top of the apportionments Dumbarton gives to the larger Methodist Church for missionaries and other outreach activities.

GMC Homeless March Social Commitment. Dumbarton promotes social justice in nearby neighborhoods and in countries around the world. With its base in the nation's capital, the church has members who lobby Congress and the public to support the disadvantaged and to promote world peace.

Locally, we support the Georgetown Ministry Center and other efforts. We feed the homeless once a month at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Globally, we are active in social justice causes in Latin America and the Middle East. We have church-based missionaries in Mexico.

Peace marchReconciling. We promote tolerance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons. We welcome them into our congregation and we encourage other churches to welcome them, as well.

Methodist Federation for Social Action. This organization, once headed by one of our members, mobilizes clergy and laity to take action on issues of peace, poverty and people's rights within the church, nation and the world.