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Snowy March

Worship in March

On Sunday, March 22, we'll be honoring the memory of Archbishop Oscar Romero in our annual worship service celebrating Latin America.

Church begins at 11 a.m. and adult ed and children's education at 10 a.m. Child care is available. Children's activities are planned during the service.

Come to our Still Point worship at 4:30, a quiet, meditative service.

What Makes a Church? No Steeple Required: By Mittie Quinn

What makes a church? Our travels have taken us literally around the world, to many interesting and unusual places. But our recent trip to New Zealand has made me stop and think about this question. Australia and New Zealand are both countries that are “younger” than the United States, and yet the Aborigines and Maori have been present on those island nations for much longer. The mix of cultures and spiritual encounters yields a blend of “church” experiences for the visitor.

Traditional Maori Wharenui

Can a True Christian Take Part in Politics?

On March 8 Wesley's Rick Elgendy was back in Adult Ed to continue the the "principalities and powers" discussion from the previous Sunday. This time, he focused on ways of managing political participation. "The Christian vocation is not to conquer," he reminded Dumbartonians. "The opposite reaction is to refuse to engage in politics."

In his talk, "Christian Political Participation," Elgendy says that what we choose to say and do politically flows from how we see ourselves. To illustrate this concept, he outlined four historical viewpoints:

Our New Music Ministry Director

Our new director of music ministry, A.J. Welch, leads his first choir rehearsal. Our rehearsals will be held at 12:45 p.m. on Sundays. You are invited to sing with us!

A Place to Make Friends

Going to church to commune with God is all well and good, but communing with Ava is where it's at...

Talking Service Program for Veterans

Dumbarton is serving as a site for the "Talking Service" program, an 8-week program sponsored by the Great Books Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities, for veterans, their families, and caregivers.
The program involves reading and discussing literature in an anthology with pieces from Homer to the Afghanistan and Iraq Wars as a way of enabling veterans to have a safe place to discuss their own experiences.
It will also serve as a way of developing critical thinking skills for those returning vets who are contemplating additional education.  The 8-week session culminates in a creative piece by each participant.
Melinda Murray is one of the facilitators and hopes to start the program at the end of January.  You may contact her at 
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