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29th Anniversary as a Reconciling Congregation

It's Time

It's time to celebrate and welcome everyone who comes to the UMC. We are getting involved with Reconciling Ministries Network's campaign for change at General Conference 2016.

UMC Panel Recommends Married Lesbian as Provisional Deacon

Dumbarton UMC celebrates that T.C. Morrow is being recommended by the Board of Ordained Ministry for commissioning. We will be praying for the clergy executive session of the Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference as it makes a decision about commissioning T.C. In addition, we rejoice in the commitment of T.C. and the Board of Ordained Ministries to step away from the oppressive practice of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Married Lesbian Recommended as Provisional Deacon.


Worship with Us on Sunday

Lenten Sunday morning worships start on Feb. 14, leading up to Easter on March 27. Rev. Mary Kay Totty's topic this week will be "Entering Jerusalem."

Rev. Phil Wogaman's topic at the 10 a.m. adult ed will be "Insights from Great Poems."

There is nursery care for small children, children's ed at 10 a.m. and a Godly Play class during the service for young kids.

The Population Bomb Is Still Ticking

Every day there are twice as many births as deaths. Every second, more than five people are born. Dumbarton scholar and writer Howard Morland was on hand Jan. 10 to help Adult Ed examine what the future holds.
Using charts, graphs, and slides, Morland traced population growth back to the Neanderthals and up to the present. "By 10,000 B.C.E., humans had reached the ends of the earth, but their populations were limited," said Morland, who blamed the growth failure on the invention of warfare tools.  "I   think homicide was the reason those populations did not expand," he said.                         Paul Ehrlich

An Open Letter Regarding Muslim Refugees

Members of Dumbarton United Methodist Church have expressed opposition to any legislation that would prevent Muslim refugees and people of other faiths from accessing the U.S. refugee resettlement program.
    In an open letter signed by more than 55 members and endorsed by the Church Council, the congregation noted proposals by Sen. Ted Cruz and others that would accept Christians but not Muslims or people of other faiths fleeing Syria.

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