Dumbarton UMC Stained Glass Window 6

October 8, 2022 This Week in Dumbarton United Methodist Church History in Washington, DC

This Week in Dumbarton’s History

Selected events from this week in our history, researched and compiled by Jane Donovan for a calendar created in 1998 to celebrate our 225th Anniversary.
October 2, 1819 – “Certain reports were in circulation accusing M[atthew] Greentree of too free a use of Spiritous Liquors.” Greentree was a retired itinerant preacher serving the Georgetown Methodists as a local preacher and senior statesman.
October 9, 1921- Dumbarton purchased 10 tons of coal to heat the parsonage through the winter.
October 10, 1862- Dumbarton Hospital was opened by the U. S. Army.
October 11, 1960- Dumbarton passed a resolution against the sale of lewd and pornographic literature in Georgetown, and sent copies to the U. S. House of Representatives and Senate.
October 12, 1947- A plaque was dedicated to the memory of three Dumbartonians killed in World War II—John Schafer, Billy Stotler, and David Wyatt.
October 13, 1808- Thomas Beall conveyed the land for the burying ground to Ebenezer Eliason and others.
October 15, 1894- A special collection was taken to buy a new furnace.