Global Social Justice

Justice at Home and Abroad

Our church strives to export its mission to other parts of the world through contributions and hands-on activities by its members. Many Dumbarton members are directly involved in world affairs and are DUMC Palestine demonstrationmaking a difference. We have had a deputy secretary of state, an ambassador and many Foreign Service officers in our midst. Others work directly on programs helping persons in foreign countries. Here are some highlights about these efforts:

Latin America

  • Two missionaries in Nicaragua, who worked with the Women and Community Association, received visits, financing and direct help from Dumbarton members.
  • Our annual Inter-American Sunday honors Bishop Oscar Romero, a Salvadoran who was assassinated in 1980.
  • We have contributed money and moral support to Santa Marta/Valia Nuero, our sister congregation in El Salvador.
  • We raise money every year at a craft fair and a festival at a Unitarian church for Latin American projects.
  • One of our members founded Organization for Youth Empowerment, which supports at-risk youth in Honduras.

Middle East

Dumbartonians at Palestine wallDumbarton's Holyland Pilgrims program engages the congregation in advocacy, education and awareness activities that promote a just peace for Palestinians and Israelis based on international law, human rights and our belief that all people are our sisters and brothers made in the image of God. As part of this mission, the church also supports the work of the Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala, West Bank.

World Peace

Over the years, members of Dumbarton have supported peacemaking efforts, including disarmament and peace negotiations. Frequently they have marched in peace demonstrations and lobbied members of Congress.