Paid Family Leave (12-13-15)

Every developed country except the U.S. has guaranteed paid family medical leave.  "They've  got this right," Joanna Botner told the Dec. 13 Adult Ed. ""In the U.S. we've become accustomed to the idea we might lose our job to care for a newborn child or an aging parent." 
Botner leads DC's Campaign for Paid Family Leave. The Campaign's bill, if passed, promises to change the face of the District of Columbia, where infant mortality is the highest in the nation and where health care and child care costs are skyrocketing. If D. C.'s City Council approves the bill, the District of Columbia would be the first city in the nation to have paid family medical leave.
Dumbartonians learned that the bill, if passed, would grant up to 16 weeks of medical  leave for families earning less than $52,000 a year. Costs would be borne largely by employers, and the leave would cover qualified employees who work in D. C., regardless of where they live        .
In October, Dumbarton officially voted to support the ground-breaking legislation. "This is an opportunity to put our faith into action," said Dumbartonian Chett Pritchett.

--By Ginny Finch