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July 21, 2022 Catalyst Team Study Reveals Dumbarton’s Call

Catalyst Team Study Reveals Dumbarton's Call

 — A dedicated team of Dumbartonians (Rev. Rachel, Mittie Quinn, Neal Christie, Stuart Johnson, Jeehye Kim Pak, Kelly Dickenson, and Barbara Michelman) set out last year to faithfully represent our church as part of the inaugural cohort of Baltimore-Washington United Methodist Church Conference churches selected for its Catalyst Iniative to answer this question:

“What is our congregation uniquely qualified to DO?”

Thanks to everyone who attended the Catalyst team presentation Tuesday night!  We had an energizing conversation around what Dumbarton is uniquely called and positioned to do:

To walk alongside people who are in the midst of life transitions,
help them name their God-given gifts,
and support them in living out their purpose.

If you missed the session, the link to the zoom recording is below, and you can read a one page summary of our process and conclusions HERE.

If you have ideas for projects or experiments that would help us to test and live out this articulation of our call, the Ministry Coordinating Team is a great place to bring those ideas for further discussion and to find support.

On behalf of the Catalyst Team, I would like to thank you all for your support and your participation with us in this process. As we conclude our service and hand this off to the congregation, we look forward to working with you to encourage further “catalyzing” of new ideas and ministries. 

-Rev Rachel Cornwell

To view the Zoom recording of the June 14, 2022 Catalyst Team meeting, click this link.