Join a Group, Meet People

We at Dumbarton try to meet in small groups to know each other better. Most gatherings are at people's homes, though some are at the social hall of the church. Most commonly, meetings are on weekends. Among groups:Dumbarton Discovery Group

  • Discovery Groups are divided up geographically to reduce travel time. At these groups, meals are usually shared, and people share each other's experiences of the past month. Often there is a program and a prayer. These groups nurture those in their area in times of trouble.
  • Community Life Group. Like the Discovery Groups, this community shares concerns, prayers and faith issues. It does not have geographical boundaries. Around-the-circle sharing is a focal point of each meeting, and participants volunteer for worship, program or refreshments.
  • father and daughter
  • Families With Young Children. Meeting during the day or in early evening, this group discusses issues having to do with raising children while the children play in a separate room or outdoors.
  • Friendly Bridge meets occasionally for a game of bridge (with no recriminations for trumping your partner's ace). The evening often begins with a potluck supper.  Contact the Nurture Cluster if you are interested in playing bridge.