Community Life

Friends, Family and Fun

Dumbarton is more than worship and prayer. We get together to enjoy the good times and share the bad ones with people we love and trust.

Andrew eating pancakesPot-Luck Meals. You'll eat well at Dumbarton events, where members bring healthy fare and some luscious desserts as well. Our potluck lunch on the first weekend after summer is a major event. And don't miss our Thanksgiving breakfast, held at Turkey Run park before the big meal.

Organized Groups. Our Discovery Groups, Community Life Group meet regularly to pray, share and discuss. Parents' groups, the young adult group and the retirement group also meet on a regular basis.

men talkingParties. We often hold events to send forth members to new horizons. Occasionally members will set up informal celebrations of births, weddings and adoptions.

Youth. Besides Sunday school, youth get together in social events run by an appointed youth minister, often a graduate student at Wesley Seminary. Past events have included paintball, skiing, ice skating, mission trips and parties at people's homes.

retreatRetreat. Part worship, part play weekend, Dumbarton's annual retreat at West River is anticipated every year by both young and old. Swimming, boating, a climbing wall, a variety show and outdoor sports are some of the fun. Worship, reflection and seminars feed the spirit.