11 am Sunday Worship - Advent 4 "Joy" + Christmas Pageant


Reading from Hildegard of Bingen
Songs, “To the Holy Spirit”
“Holy Spirit, making life alive,
moving in all things, root of all created being,
cleansing the cosmos of every impurity, effacing guilt,
anointing wounds.
You are lustrous and praiseworthy life,
You waken and re-awaken everything that is.”

This Advent, our journey to Christmas will be accompanied by the words of Hildegard of Bingen. She was a Benedictine Abbess and a mystic from the Middle Ages whose books, liturgical drama, scientific texts, songs and poems, essays and letters continue to inspire. This year, Hildegard’s writings and hymns will offer us a different viewpoint of the story of Jesus’ birth. This Sunday, the fourth week of Advent, the focus is on Joy to inspire us to remember the true meaning of Christmas.

This Sunday's worship includes a Christmas Pageant performed by children and youth-- “Rehearsal for Christmas Eve” written by Lois Anne DeLong and Barbara Anne Antonucci. A play within a play, it tells the story of an actor’s search for the real meaning of Christmas, and how he finds it at a Christmas pageant

Sunday, December 20, 2015 - 11:05am