September 24, 2017 Portraits of Hope III - Karen Oliveto - T.C. Morrow preaching

Note:  Near the end of the sermon, T. C. Morrow stepped away from the microphone to kneel as she spoke for about a minute before returning to the podium. It is barely audible. Here is the text of that portion of the sermon:

When our President refers to NFL players engaging in peaceful protest with the offensive name calling “son of a bitch” and refers to white nationalists rallying in Charlottesville as “fine people,” you are probably going to find yourself like me – trying to figure out how to amp up what you’ve already been doing.  None of us can do it alone, and I think the individuals being highlighted in this Portraits of Hope series illustrate that when you do the piece that you can do, as faithfully as possible, that you will be part of building up the kin-dom of God.  You can’t do everything, but there is SOMETHING that you can do. 



Contemporary Reading: Sermon excerpt from Rev. Dr. Karen Oliveto

John 20:1-18