The Bible - Versions long and short

Sound Bite Bible by Rev. Mary Kay Totty

God created.

Adam and Eve mated.

Noah’s ark survived the flood.

Grace abounds.

Abraham welcomed strangers.

Hagar and Sarah birthed nations.

Moses wandered.

Miriam danced.

Sinai established command and covenant.

Grace abounds.

Joshua fit the battle of Jericho.

Deborah judged with wisdom.

Jael wielded a mean tent peg.

Gideon demanded a fleece of proof..

Ruth never abandoned Naomi.

Grace abounds.

The people demanded a king.

King Saul was unseated by David who stayed giants.

Abigail brokered peace.

Solomon built the temple.

Job challenged God.

Jonah ran from God.

Empires conquered Israel and Judah.

People turned away from God.

Prophets called them back to God.

And every time, every time, God welcomed them.

Grace abounds.

Wisdom weaves through Psalm and Proverb.

Both teaching that God’s steadfast love endures forever.

Daniel faced down lions.

Amos set a plumb line.

Isaiah’s dream still calls us.

Micah knew what God requires.

People longed for a messiah.

Grace abounds.

Mary agreed to birth a savior.

Joseph became her accomplice.

Caesar taxed.

Bethlehem welcomed Emmanuel in a manger.

Grace abounds.

Jesus called disciples,

healed the sick,

fed the hungry,

challenged powers and principalities,

welcomed children,

transformed lives,

broke bread,

shared cup,

covenanted anew,

was falsely accused and crucified.

Three days later, an empty tomb was all the women found.

Grace abounds.

Holy Spirit anointed.

The church was birthed and grew,

spreading from Jerusalem to Corinth,

From Rome to Ephesus.

Peter baptized..

Paul wrote.

Lydia led.

Timothy preached.

Dorcas served.

Letters got passed around and handed down.

Visions of hope sustain to the end.

Grace abounds.

Rev. Dr. Mary Kay Totty

October 14, 2018

( My Granny Totty was a woman of strong faith. She read the Bible through many times. She read various authors about scripture, but she always thought for herself. She taught Dad, me, others to look for the golden thread that weaves through all of scripture. That golden thread is grace — God’s grace, unmerited, unearned, steadfast, and reliable.)



Psalm 119: 103-105 - How sweet are thy words

II Timothy 3:14-17  - All scripture is inspired by God