Local Social Justice

Serving the Washington Area Community

Dumbartonians participate in these and other programs serving the local area:

Georgetown Ministry Center. A joint effort of many Georgetown churches, a synagogue and other organizations, the center reaches out to the homeless of Georgetown. Located at 1041 Wisconsin Ave. NW, the Georgetown Ministry Center allows people to do laundry, shower, pick up mail and use the computer/coffee room. One of Dumbarton's roles is to provide meals for two weeks in the winter. Two Dumbarton members sit on the board, and the pastor and at least one Dumbartonian walk Georgetown neighborhoods to visit with the unhoused one afternoon a week.

Washington Interfaith Network. Dumbarton is one of the founding churches of WIN, a multiracial, nonpartisan District-wide organization comprising more than 50 churches, community groups, labor unions and other organizations. WIN is committed to training and developing neighborhood leaders, to addressing community issues, and to holding D.C. elected and corporate officials accountable. Over the years, WIN has built affordable housing, started after-school programs and promoted jobs for D.C. residents on D.C.-funded projects.