Become a Member

You Are Invited to Join

Membership at Dumbarton United Methodist Church is offered to all persons who would choose to join our congregation. In our community all really does mean all.

Dumbarton 101. A couple of times a year, as interest warrants, the pastor and lay leader provide an introduction to United Methodism in general and Dumbarton in particular. Persons who are considering membership with the congregation will find "Dumbarton 101" particularly helpful. The pastor and lay leader are available anytime during the year to answer questions about the church and membership.

DUMC stained glassWhen to Join. Those who decide to become members should speak with the pastor to review membership vows and schedule a time to join during one of Dumbarton's worship services -- a regular Sunday morning worship or the Easter Vigil or another special service.

Vows. The formal membership vows of the United Methodist church include a profession of the Christian faith, a willingness to be "loyal to Christ through the United Methodist Church" and a commitment to support Dumbarton UMC with one's "prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness."

Youth. For young people interested in joining the church, confirmation classes are offered every other year. Youth are encouraged to take confirmation classes to learn more about the Christian faith. Upon completion of confirmation, each student will decide individually whether to become a member.