Soul Nurture Moment 2


       Valentine's Day is this week, and many of us are probably thinking about love: what love is, what love means, how we love, who we love. During this season of resistance, it is imperative that we remember we are called to love all people and to the best of our ability embody genuine love for others in everyday life -- which is challenging even in the best of times. Even so, love is the only way, the only path to a world of justice, peace, and compassion. Courtney Martin recently shared some thoughts about love and resistance through a blog.

      Martin reminded me that often what we resist, persists. We are in a season where resistance is necessary to clearly and firmly advocate against the dismantling of our country's highest ideals and strongest values. At one and the same time, we must also be about the creative work of building the communities of mutual support and inclusive welcome, which is our primary task as followers of Jesus. We do this by embodying love, by strengthening relationships, by proactively living the way we believe society should be.

      What can you do this week to embody love? What can you do to strengthen a relationship? Who might you call? To whom might you write an old-fashioned letter? Who could you invite over for dinner?
      --Mary Kay


     Holy One, help us to faithfully follow the example of Jesus. Help us to be ever more loving and compassionate. Strengthen us for the work of justice-seeking and peace-making. Grant us courage to stand with the vulnerable. Show us how to be effective allies and advocates for those most at risk. Let our love be genuine. In your many names we pray. AMEN.

Bonus Activity for Families and Individuals

     During the children story this past Sunday, we learned that the more you give away and share God’s love, the more love increases. Even if we show love in small ways, it makes a significant difference. This small way can begin as a prayer.

     LOVE PRAYER JARS: Find a jar or a container. On cut-out hearts (or small pieces of paper), write a name of someone you know on each heart. Place all the hearts in the jar. Take a heart out each day and say a prayer for that person to experience God’s love that day. Don’t forget to include a prayer for yourself asking God to help you to find new ways to share love that day!

   Grace and Peace, Mary Kay and Jeehye