A Journalist's Perspective

On May 11, the day after Pamela Constable's front-page story on the kidnaping  of the Nigerian schoolgirls, the award-winning journalist  was in Adult Ed to talk about it. She also shared her reflections on the bombing of the Kabul restaurant and other international crises about which she'd written recently. Said the intrepid journalist: "What all these incidents have in common are  'modernization' and 'liberalization' versus old problems, prejudice and hate." "How can we encourage empathy?" she wondered. .

To read Constable's stories on the kidnaping  in Nigeria, the bombing of the restaurant in Kabul, the ever-changing turmoil in Ukraine, and other international crises people are talking about, go to http://www.washingtonpost.com/pb/pamela-constable

--By Ginny Finch