How to Cope with Trump Upset

On Nov. 13, at the first Adult Ed session after the election, stunned Dumbartonians were lucky the Rev. Phil Wogaman was on hand to suggest a path forward. Wogaman was senior pastor of Foundry United Methodist Church and personal pastor to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He has also authored many books including What Christians Can Learn from Other Religions.
Wogaman did not dwell on the causes of the Clinton defeat. "I don't want liberals and Democrats to form a circular firing range," he said
Said Wogaman about Donald Trump's win: "The worst case scenario is fascism. The best case is 'it was all rhetoric' ." Neither scenario is likely, commented Wogaman.
 Iit's never one person. It's not about winners and losers."
Wogaman proposed an alternative scenario based on the centuries-old concept of The Common Good--a practical concept in which each person in a community is valued and a "system"  exists to act on these values.  
Although Wogaman conceded we would continue to be a polarized nation, he told Adult Ed about possible consensus initiatives like Infrastructure, reminding everyone that "compromise is not a four-letter word."
Actions to oppose? Wogaman outlined some of these too--for example, the "Wall,"authorized waterboarding, deportation of 11 million undocumented immigrants,deregulating fossil fuels, buildup of the military, and removal of "Obamacare" health insurance from 20 million people .
What can we work for? Wogaman offered Dumbartonians some suggestions, cautioning them  to "always be prepared to say WHY":
--Campaign finance reform.
--Free college tradition for community colleges.
--A path to citizenship, or immigration reform.
--Single payer insurance.
--Police reform.
--Gun control..."intensity in politics is sometimes more important than quantity."

"When you enact reforms at the state and local level, you demonstrate workability," said Wogaman.

--By Ginny Finch