Glimpses of Our Hearts: "Zoom Love"

We are posting "Glimpses of Our Hearts"  once a week, displaying the creative expressions of our very talented congregation. Our first installment is by Pam Thielmann.


Sunday after Sunday I went to the beautiful sanctuary

and I took all of you for granted

all of you and all of my Sunday routine


getting in the car

driving to Georgetown and finding parking

Roger's coffee and bagels

the beautiful music

the light coming through the amazing windows

the hugs, the hymns, the deep sharing, and the sacred words

Now I see your precious faces one at a time

close up on Zoom

or tiny on the gallery view

I see your living rooms and your pets and sometimes your breakfast!

Now the love for you pours out of me

(I wonder if it feels safe to love you from my cave?)

We shall meet again

this I know

Pam Thielmann