Church Decries Executive Order and Western Complicity, Pledges to Support Refugees

As members of Dumbarton United Methodist Church in Washington, D.C., we hear God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ calling us to love our neighbors, accompany the vulnerable and welcome the stranger. Moreover, the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church (2016) enjoins us to “recognize, embrace and affirm all persons, regardless of country of origin, as members of the family of God.”  We therefore affirm that God’s love is not apportioned by nationality, religion, race or creed, but rather flows extravagantly to all.  More than 65 million people are currently displaced worldwide, more than during WWII.  The United States has an urgent moral and legal responsibility to open its doors to receive these refugees and asylum seekers.
We decry President Trump’s cruel February 3rd executive order trapping travelers and thwarting those fleeing violence in war-torn countries.  His order reflects the president’s inflammatory portrayal of Islam as the source of terrorism, ignoring over a century of Euro-American military occupation and exploitation of Middle Eastern lands.  Jesus’ call for us to be peace-makers requires us to reject false and self-serving claims about Islam.  We call on Americans to acknowledge that the United States has contributed to the circumstances from which terrorism has arisen.  We demand bold, creative and enlightened steps, inspired by God’s Love, to craft lasting peace in the Middle East.
          As a faith community, we have much we can do locally to counter the harm emanating from this presidential order. We pledge ourselves to reach out to and comfort our Muslim brothers and sisters, individually and as a community, so that God’s love flowing through us might calm the fears and insecurities brought on by our president’s actions. We pledge ourselves to support refugees escaping violence and personal threats as they seek welcome in our home jurisdictions and neighborhoods. And we pledge to renew our historical role as a sanctuary congregation willing to shelter and support those who fear for their lives or through no fault of their own face legal actions threatening their safety and well-being.  So help us, God.
                                                          Church Council
                                                          Dumbarton United Methodist Church